25 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks

1. Hide Your Online Status From Selected Friends:

So you want to use Facebook chat but don’t want some people to see your online status? Simply open up the Facebook Chat and click on Friends List. Start creating a new list called BlockList.

Once the list is created, add those friends to the list that you want to appear offline to. When the list is complete, hover your mouse to the little green icon adjacent to the list and click Go Offline. Bingo! You will now appear offline to everybody in the BlockList.

2. View a Friend’s Profile Without Messy Applications:

If you are like me, you often get annoyed by the dozens of silly applications that people have added to their profile. Here’s a Grease Monkey script that allows you to view any profile without all those applications. Remember: the Mozilla Firefox web browser is a prerequisite for running Greasemonkey.

3. Display Your Facebook Status On Your WordPress Blog:

Want to display your Facebook status updates on your WordPress blog? There is a plugin that does exactly that. StatusPress lets you display your status updates to a widget on your WordPress blog.

4. Access Facebook Chat Through Your Desktop:

No need to go to Facebook.com if all you want to do is use Facebook chat. You can do it right from your desktop using clients like social.im , Adium or ChitChat.


5. Update Facebook Status From Firefox:

If you are a firefox addict you don’t need to use any other software to update your Facebook status. Simply install the FireStatus add-on and update your status right from your browser. You can also use the Facebook Toolbar to completely manage Facebook from your Firefox browser.

6. Create A Photo Collage From Pictures Of Your Facebook Friends:

Easily create a photo collage from profile pictures of all your Facebook friends using a simple Facebook app called Photo Collage.

7. Add A New friend But Hide It From Your Status Update:

A great tutorial by Tim Watson walks you through the process of hiding specific actions from your status updates.

8. Schedule Facebook Messages To Be Send Later:

If you want to schedule your Facebook messages to be send sometime in the future, Sendible is a great tool to do that. You can also use Sendible to schedule your status updates.


9. How To Share Flickr Photos On Facebook:

My Flickr is a Facebook application that lets you display your Flickr photos and photo sets on Facebook so your friends can view and comment on them without leaving Facebook.

10. How To Download Facebook Photo Albums:

Ever felt the need to download complete photo albums from Facebook. You can easily do it with either a Windows desktop application named FotoBounce or a great Firefox add-on FacePad.


11. Upload Photos On Facebook From Your Phone:

All the smart phones like iPhone and Blackberry make it simple to upload photos to your Facebook account but how would you do it if you have a regular phone? Here is a great tutorial to walk you through that.

12. Magic Circles On Facebook:

You might have heard about the Konami code that makes red blurry circles on your Facebook page. This might be one of the most popular Facebook hidden tricks. Here’s how to do it:

Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter key then press up & down & Magic circles will appear!

To stop them simply reload your page.


13. Use Your Facebook Like A Pirate:

Do you love talking like a pirate? You can set your Facebook to appear like a pirate page by going into Current Language Settings and setting it to English (Pirate).


14. How To Insert Cool Symbols In Your Status Updates:

Make your status updates interesting by inserting cool symbols. Simply copying them from this list and pasting in your status updates.

15. Automatically Poke Friends That Poke You:

Don’t have enough time to poke back friends who poke you on Facebook? Automate it with a Grease Monkey script called Facebook Autopoke.

16. Upload Photos From PicasaTo Facebook:

Upload photos to your Facebook account directly from Picasa using the Picasa app for Facebook. You can also upload the Picasa captions and resize your photos before uploading them to Facebook.

17. Search Facebook Like A Pro:

Not everybody knows how powerful Facebook search is. Similar to any large search engine, Facebook search has a lot of advanced options to help you search like a pro. For example if you are looking for a person named John Marsh and filter your results down to only people who are married, you can try name: John Marsh status:married. A complete list of search tips for Facebook can be found here.


18. How To Update Facebook Status From Gmail:

Facebook gadget for Gmail allows you to update your Facebook status right from your Gmail.


19. How To Access Gmail From Facebook:

If you seldom have to leave Facebook just to go check your Gmail inbox, check out Fmail. It is a great application that lets you check your Gmail from within your Facebook inbox.

20. See Facebook Twitter style:

If you love Twitter more than Facebook, you can view your Facebook just like you view your Twitter using this grease monkey script.

21. Import Facebook Friends To Twitter:

FB140 is a simple tool that lets you find all your Facebook friends that are using Twitter so you can easily follow them.

22. Access Facebook From Microsoft Outlook:

This is a great tip for people attending colleges or working in places that block Facebook, but allow you access to Microsoft Outlook. Simple install the FBlook plugin and access Facebook from Outlook.

23. Display Your Facebook Status Upside Down:

This is a cool and fun trick. To display upside down status updates, simply head over to FlipText and type in your status. Then simply click on Flip Text and copy-paste the upside down text into your Facebook status box.


24. Update Facebook Status Using Twitter:

Wouldn’t you love to update your status on both Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Just install the Twitter application for Facebook. Once synced, your tweets including the #fb tag would automatically be posted as status updates on your Facebook.

25. Download Videos From Facebook:

Facebook has one of the largest collection of user uploaded videos.You can download most of the videos from Facebook by using a client like SpeedBit or DownFacbook.


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Ricky says November 22, 2009

What a good article!
Do you mind if I use it in my blog?

macuser says November 22, 2009

are any of the downloads available for mac users?

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E.T says November 23, 2009

Why not update you Facebook status from your Messenger? (it’s always running in the background anyways).
Why not Tweet it too while you’re there- all from one tiny plug in-

Linda says November 23, 2009

Great tips and a definite retweet!

mo krochmal says November 23, 2009

Great article with really useful tips. Thank you for putting it together.

Ted Rex says November 23, 2009

Great reference. I made this one of my three links for the day on my daily “Other Thought for the Day” blog:


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MA says November 26, 2009

chitchat wont work…!? i click the icon several times and ive checked if i installed right, but nothing happens. advice?

trompyx says November 26, 2009

Great article with really useful tips.

ayman fikry says November 26, 2009

it is a good article and this tools add more options to me thanks alot for you

Alison Moore Smithe says November 30, 2009

Great set of tips here!

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Jacob Williams says December 2, 2009

Haha, I like this tricks. But for the 23rd tip, instead of the site you listed, I would recommend you link to http://apps.facebook.com/upside_down_text/

It’s within Facebook, and since this is article on Facebook, I think that makes a lot more sense. And it also lets you update your Facebook status with just one click (ie/ no copying and pasting).

Autobeat says December 4, 2009

Great article with really useful tips.

Crissy says December 4, 2009

Great tips – sharing!

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RRH says December 6, 2009

Great Article, thanks for your valuable tips.

Dan says December 9, 2009

You may need to uninstall Chit Chat and reinstall it. I heard that they have to update every so often due to a Facebook problem

Facebook Application Developers says January 6, 2010

hii i want to know how to hide any thing i do like or comment on some thing in friend profile i dont wnat it to show in my profile that i do this or to show in my friend’s home can any one tell me how pls thnx

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Social Media says March 13, 2010

i want to know how i kept my self away on chat rather then offline

Leroy Bandrin says March 25, 2010

I know that flip text site you listed is popular but for number 23, about displayed your facebook status upside down, i would recommend http://www.UpsideDownText.com/

I mean they’re similar sites on the surface, but that wesbite (that I listed) also flips upper case characters upside down while the flip text site that you listed only flips lower case characters upside down.

Robbie says April 4, 2010

is there a way you can view someones facebook that is set to private without all the apps?

YoHi says May 30, 2010

For 2) there is also facebook purity that i can recommend.

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nice post to know more about facebook applications

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Distos says September 17, 2010

Wow! this might be the most complete compilation of Facebook tricks available in the web. Some of these tips like the one related to accessing Facebook from Gmail and Outlook and vice verse are pretty cool.

Carol says November 15, 2010

This information has been very helpful. Thanks especially for the tip to use to create a “Block List.”

thilina says November 29, 2010

hey i want 2 hide comments which i posted in my friends photos 4m my other friends..can i do that???
plzz help me

jadeypops says December 26, 2010

the red circle ones didnt work for me, could you explain it to me please ? 😀

samson says February 9, 2011

Very interesting 1! sm do not work out but god enough! Thank you.

lillian says March 30, 2011

waht’s up with the circles on your profile? they dont work :/

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