How to convert number to text string in Power BI?

To cast a Power BI column from integer or decimal format to string texts use the following DAX code:

Your_text_column =  FORMAT(your_table[your_number_column], "#")

Import dataset to Power BI

I will first go ahead and import a sample office list from an Excel file managed by the Real Estate folks.

Here is the data set that we have acquired into the Power Bi data model:

Concatenate columns in Power BI

My goal was to define an Office_Code field that contains the combined values of the three columns of our data set.

  • In Power BI, highlight your table (on our case its name is offices) in the Data pane.
  • Open the Data view
  • From the Calculations section, hit the New Column button.
  • In the formula bar, type the following expression:
Office_Code = offices[Office_Area] & offices[Office_Number] & offices[Office_Size]
  • This will render the following result – note that the Office_Code values contains dots. which won’t be too helpful here.

Convert numbers to strings with FORMAT

Luckily, i could use the FORMAT function to get rid of the decimal notes in the concatenated column.

  • In Power BI, navigate to the Data tab.
  • Then, go ahead and write the following expression:
Office_Code = offices[Office_Area] & offices[Office_Number] & FORMAT(offices[Office_Size], "#")


  • offices – is the table name
  • Office_Code – is the new column we are creating.
  • Office_Area, Office_Number and Office_Size are the columns we are combining.
  • We are using the digit numeric format placeholder # to get rid of the decimal dot.

This will render the correct result:

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