How to add a virtual background to Zoom?

Rebecca sent us the following question:

Hey, hopefully all is going great. I just started to use Zoom, and saw that some of my fellow college classmates, have pretty cool backgrounds for Zoom. They might leaving in Nebraska, but it seems like they are in the Caribbean, Antarctica or even a random mountain in South America… SO i guess my question is how to set a cool image as a background for Zoom, so i can also show off a bit??

Virtual backgrounds in Zoom

Modifying your virtual background is pretty simple in Zoom (in Microsoft Teams it’s quite simple as well, by the way). Although, i have developed this tutorial on Windows 10, the process is no different on macOS and Chromebook laptops. Here we go with the step by step process:

  • Open the Zoom app.
  • In your home page, hit the Settings cog icon in the right hand side.
  • Open the Background and Filters tab.
  • Zoom ships a nice set of predefined gallery of images that you can use. If you seem to like one of the available pics, simply double click it.
  • Next, Zoom will prompt you to download the background package.
  • Once installed, you can use the image as your meeting backdrop.

Custom Zoom virtual backdrops

Most probably, you would be more interested to use a picture or video filter as your virtual background. if so, kindly proceed as following:

  • Hit the + sign as shown below to upload a custom image or video (step 1 below)
  • Select an image (jpg, png and so forth) or a video from your computer disk, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. For business settings, you might want to use a solid background with your company logo.
  • Your custom picture will be uploaded to the image gallery. Go ahead and select it (step 2 below) to add it to Zoom.
  • If prompted download the background package as shown below. That’s it 😉