Why can’t i record meetings in Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question that we got from Tanja: For years i worked mainly with Zoom, but lately moved into a new role in a company that has extensive usage of Microsoft Teams. I use the Windows version on my laptop. I have a question about recording meetings in Teams. It’s kind of puzzling but from what i see, i am able to record some of the meetings; but unable to record others? Is this related to a deficiency in the tool, missing permissions or am i doing something wrong here?

Enable recording in Teams meetings

Thanks for the question. It seems to me that most probably, the issue on hand is not related to any Teams setting, but to some confusion between Teams calls and meetings.

It’s key to understand that Teams private or group calls can’t be recorded, whereas Teams meetings can.

If you need to record a one on one or a group call in Teams, then the easiest is to invite the attendees to a meeting. This is done as following:

  • Open Microsoft Teams
  • From the left hand side App bar, hit on Calendar.
  • Schedule a meeting or if needed, hit the Meet Now button to start your meeting immediately.
  • Either share the link via Teams / Outlook, or start the meeting and then invite your colleagues.
  • Once in your meeting, you can start recording it, right from the Meeting Panel by hitting on More Actions followed by Start Recording.
  • Private meetings recordings can be retrieved right from your OneDrive, mapped in your Windows File Explorer

Teams recordings not available in OneDrive

Somewhat related is another query from a reader about the fact that he is unable to find some of his meeting recordings in OneDrive. Also here, it’s important to clarify: 1:1 or group calls are stored in OneDrive, whereas channel meetings are stored in SharePoint and available for download as MP4 directly from the channel Files tab.