How to change the background of your Webex video session?

Here’s a question from Linda:

I am jumping on calls with customers quite often from my house living room. This new customer has a mandatory requirement that we use Cisco Webex for project related communication and collaboration. On Teams i am able to easily change my video background to a custom image or just blur the scene. Is that possible with the Webex App for Teams?

Setting virtual backgrounds for Webex

Thanks for your question. Yes it’s possible to customize your video backdrop also in the Webex App. Please follow along for the steps to set a custom virtual background:

  • On Windows or macOS, open Webex.
  • Hit your Web profile picture icon located in the top left side of your Webex App screen.
  • Hit Settings
  • Then select the Video section.
  • Your predefined video camera will be turned on.
  • Hit change virtual background
  • Now you can select from the backgrounds shipped by Webex (might require a short download) or alternatively you can upload a custom image to be used as your video filter.

Custom video backgrounds for Webex

Here’s how to define a custom background:

  • On Webex, hit your user icon.
  • Hit Settings
  • Go to Video
  • Then in the background section, hit the + icon.
  • Navigate to your computer and pick an image / photo that you might want to use as a video filter.
  • Hit OK.
  • Then hit Save to finish or Cancel to quit.

Blur your Webex video

In a similar fashion, you can blur your video by selecting Blur from the list of video backgrounds shipped by Webex.

Changing your background while in a meeting

You can obviously change your virtual video filter while in a meeting. all you’ll need to do is to hit the change background button from your meeting panel and proceed according to the section below.

Note that any changes to your video background made during the meeting will be available for that specific meeting and won’t be persisted further.