How to change the default Webex file download storage location path?

This is a question we got from Dwayne, one of our readers:

My colleagues typically share important Powerpoint presentations in the Messages tab of one of our Webex Team spaces. I typically need to collect those slides, format them and share those with other parties. Now, I see that i am able to easily download the file and locate them in their folder located in my Windows personal computer. My question is how do i change that default folder location, so that i can save my Webex Teams files in a network file location or Dropbox. Thanks in advance for your help with this matter 🙂

Setting the Webex downloaded file location on Windows (and macOS)

Thanks for the question. Feel free to follow the steps below to custom your downloads folder:

  1. In your Windows or macOS computer, open Webex.
  2. Hit on your user icon (Profile and Preferences)
  3. Hit Settings
  4. Open the Messaging tab.
  5. Hit the Change link and navigate to the new download location. This can be a network location, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive folders which are mapped in your computer.
  1. Now, go ahead and hit OK.
  2. Hit Save. That is it