How to change your Webex App display name and picture?

Here’s a question from Brandi:

Just starting out with Webex, and i have a trivial question that i am not able to sort out. When i installed the Webex App on my computer, i was asked to provide my Name and email. I now would like to have a different display name on Webex, that includes my Twitter handle. How can i modify my Webex profile settings so that i can simply modify my display handle (and profile log, if at all possible) as needed.

Modifying your displayed username on Webex

Thanks for your question. Here is our answer:

  • Open the Cisco Webex App
  • Hit your Webex Profile and Preferences, by hitting your avatar on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Now hit Edit Profile.
  • The Edit Profile dialog will open up.
  • Define your new Display name in the text box as shown below.
  • Hit Save.
  • Your new name will be available to your Webex fellow Teams members, contacts etc’. It will NOT be synchronized with other online collaboration tool such as Teams or Zoom.

Optionally, you can assign a cover image to your profile by selecting from the available ones.

Change your Webex profile picture

You can also modify your profile image / logo / icon quite easily.

  • In your Webex app, hit your profile icon.
  • Hit Edit Profile.
  • Hit Change Picture.
  • Select a matching picture from your computer hard disk, One Drive, Google Drive etc’
  • Hit Save.
  • That’s it 🙂