How to access Pinterest when it’s blocked?

The following is a question asked by one of our subscribers :

Not long ago, I signed up for Pinterest. Now I find it very interesting to pin and share articles with my friends. But its quite frustrating at college where all the social networks are blocked including Pinterest. What should I do to access Pinterest in such a situation?

How to unblock Pinterest?

1. RSS Feed :

All prominent sites with large amount of traffic coming by their way will have an RSS feed. You can always subscribe to Pinterest’s RSS feed and keep yourself as the information will be directly sent to you which you can read by using feed readers such as Google Reader to quote one.

2. Shorteed URLs :

As we know, in Twitter, while sharing a site or a pic you always get the shortened URL. Same can be done with Pinterest. Make use of URL shortening sites such as Tinyurl, shorten Pinterest’s default URL , paste in the address bar and go. This will work very often.

3. Convert into PDF :

Go to the site  PDFmyURL. This is a place where you can convert your web page into a PDF file. Just enter Pinterest’s home page URL and you will get an instant PDF document to download. In this manner, you can keep yourself updated with the happenings.

4. Via Google Mobile :

Google mobile can always be used to view the mobile version of any normal HTML page in your web browser. For this all you need to do is enter the following URL on the address bar This will open the mobile version of Pinterest and this is often unblocked even when all other proxy sites are blocked.

Feel free to leave us a comment to let us know of other methods for unblocking Pinterest at school or work.

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