How stop Microsoft Teams from popping up and loading?

Here’s a question that we received from Wendy:

I am not totally sure why Microsoft Teams is launching automatically every time that i turn on my Windows 10 computer? Is there a setting that i can use to permanently stop Microsoft Teams and remove it from the startup list, so it doesn’t launch automatically on my personal computer? Is it possible to disable the Teams splash screen? Hopefully this is enough info for you to troubleshoot this topic. Many Thanks!

Thanks for the question Wendy. Here we go:

Remove Teams from startup popping up

In some cases your work or private computer might have Office 365 installed with Teams. If you are not using Teams you can turn it off by using the process below:

  • First off, go ahead and Open Microsoft Teams.
  • Then make sure to close all open meetings and chats.
  • In the right hand side, hit your user icon / avatar.
  • Select Settings.
  • The Settings dialog will open up.
  • Uncheck the Auto-start application check box.
  • Close the dialog and exit Teams.
  • Next time you’ll restart Windows 10, Teams won’t startup automatically.

Note: this method will work also on windows 7 and 8. It will also disable Teams from auto start on macOS.

Stop Teams Auto start in Windows 10

Here’s an alternative method to stop Teams auto-start:

  • In Windows 10 hit the Magnifying glass icon in the left hand side of your lower task bar (next to the Windows icon).
  • In the Search box, type Startup to open the Startup tab of your Task Manager. This tab allows to control which programs are started by default when Windows is turned on.
  • Now go ahead and highlight the Microsoft Teams entry as shown below

Next hit the Disable button at the lower right side of the dialog, or alternatively, right click and select Disable.


  • Re-enabling Teams auto start is easy, all you’ll need to do is to revert the process we have outlined above.
  • The changes outlined above will take effect only once you restart your computer.
  • In some cases, people want to quit Teams to avoid the amount of notifications they receive. There is a very simple way to stop notifications and sounds from Teams which we’ll cover pretty soon.
  • Even if Teams is turned off on startup, you ‘ll be able to send invites to Teams meetings from Outlook.

In case of any questions, feel free us know, we’ll be glad to help out.