Fix Microsoft Teams won’t open in Windows issues

This is a question we received from a reader:

A customer sent me a Microsoft Teams invitation for a meeting scheduled in a couple of weeks. Just in case, i tried to double click the meeting link to ensure that i am able to join the meeting as a guest. I was surprised to see that for some reason the Microsoft Teams desktop application i have installed on my Windows computer doesn’t open up. Any ideas about what can possible be wrong here? Many Thanks.

Teams desktop doesn’t open up – troubleshooting steps

1. Ensure that you are able to open Teams

First off, try to launch to Teams from your Windows computer. You can do that easily by hitting the Start button from your task bar (or simply hit the Windows button on your keyboard). Then type Microsoft Teams and hit Open.

If Teams opens up, restart your computer and try to open your meeting link; if not proceed to step 2

2. Clear your Teams cache

To increase performance, Teams caches much of the information displayed in the desktop client. If Teams doesn’t start, you might want to clear that Teams cache, and try to open your meeting link.

3. Restart your Windows PC

If the two steps outline above didn’t help – go ahead and restart your PC.

  • Save or discard changes any open files you might have been working on.
  • From your Task bar, hit the Start button (or hit the Windows key from your keyobard).
  • At the bottom left side, hit the Power Button.
  • Hit Restart.

Now try to open Teams. If not successful, move to step 4.

4. Access your meeting from Web

Microsoft Teams has a web version that you can use also for accessing meetings (assuming that you have the meeting URL). This is a good solution in case that your organization didn’t yet deploy Teams, or that you don’t have administrative permissions to re-install or troubleshoot Teams.

To obtain the meeting URL, right click on the meeting link that you have received from your customer and hit copy link. Then open your favorite web browser, and paste the link in the address bar. If prompted, select Continue in this browser. At this point you should see the Teams meeting Audio and Video settings dialog.

Related: Teams not opening Office files

A related question from another users concerned situations in which Office file available in Teams channels doesn’t seem to open up.

A couple of possible solutions:

  1. Restart your Windows computer and try – if unsuccessful remove the Teams cache (steps outlined in section 3 above) and try again.
  2. Open your Office files in Teams using the browser, instead of the more complete desktop one.

Enjoy 🙂