Where are Microsoft Teams meeting recordings stored?

This is a question that we received from Christie:

In my previous company we used Zoom for online collaboration within our team. My new employer is very fond of Microsoft Teams and we pretty much use it in order to manage most of the key operational topics: shift planning, team to do lists, purchase orders and even key customer sales opportunities. The question i have is related to meeting recording. In Zoom, the meeting recordings were kept in your computer’s local drive. It seems that in Teams things are completely different. Any ideas, as i was asked to record a couple of training meetings and i ma not exactly sure where the output files are actually kept..

Thanks for your question. In the past, Microsoft Teams were saved in Microsoft Stream. This is no longer the case. our answer we would like to distinguish between two key cases:

  • An “ad-hoc” standard meeting which is open to people (both internal and external) that are not not necessarily members of the same Team or channel.
  • A channel meeting, which involves only member of a specific channel.

Location of standard Teams meeting recordings

Recordings of standard Teams meetings are stored in the Recordings folder in the meeting organizer OneDrive.

If you are the organizer, simply use your Windows operating system File Explorer to access your OneDrive for Business and retrieve the mp4 file from the Recordings folder.

How to download the recording from one drive?

If OneDrive is mapped and available right from File Explorer then all you’ll need to do is just to copy the file from OneDrive and paste it into a local directory, network drive or a third party cloud file storage.

If OneDrive is not mapped in your Windows File Explorer, you can always login to office.com, and use the web version of OneDrive to retrieve the recording files.

Location of channel Microsoft Teams meeting recordings

When you run a channel meeting, the recording is stored in SharePoint and available in the Recordings folder accessible through your channel Files tab.

Once your channel meeting is finalized, you’ll get a link pointing to the meeting recording right from your Channel Posts tab.

Teams recording file format

Microsoft Teams meeting (both standard and channel meetings) are stored as .mp4 files (MPEG 4). These are viewable in standard video players such as Windows Media Player or VLC.

Automatically recording Teams meeting

A couple of readers asked us about a relatively new enhancement that allows to start Teams meeting recording automatically. Here’s a complete write up on that, which you might want to look into.