Why are Microsoft Teams notifications and reminders not working?

Here’s a question from Denise:

Just started out working for a new employer that seems to have a massive Teams implementation in place for online team collaboration. I am member of several Teams, some of them are pretty noisy. A colleague advised to turn off channel notifications. The thing is that now i seem not be receiving any violet desktop banner notifications whatsoever from Teams. Any ideas what should i do about this? Many Thanks in advance.

Turn on Microsoft Teams desktop notifications

Microsoft Teams allows you to customize your notification settings and easily unmute reminders and notifications. In order to do do, kindly proceed as following:

  • Login to Microsoft Teams (either Windows, macOS or Web).
  • Hit your profile icon.
  • Then hit Manage Account to display your Teams Settings dialog.
  • On the left hand side, hit the Notifications tab.
  • In the Teams and Channels section, you can choose to enable all notifications, allow only notifications related to replies and mentions or select the Custom option to further customize for which activities you’ll be notified.
  • In the same dialog you can also control specific notifications and reminders for Teams chats and calls. The notification settings are pretty self explanatory.
  • Once done selecting your notification settings, close the Settings dialog.

Note: By all means, feel free to use the above mentioned process to tune up the expected level of notifications / reminders frequency from Teams.

Disabling notifications for channels

As mentioned above, even after enabling Teams notifications, you might still want to be able to reduce the level of noise from some of your channels. If so, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Login to your Microsoft Teams.
  • Ont he left hand side bar, Select the Teams app.
  • Search for the specific channel you would like to mute.
  • Hit the More actions icon next to the channel name.
  • Hit Channel Notifications and then hit Off.

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