Can’t uninstall Microsoft Teams.. How to remove it completely?

Here’s a question from a reader:

I recently have uninstalled Microsoft Teams from my laptop. But when I turned on my laptop the next day, It seems that Microsoft teams installed itself again after I removed it. I have done the same twice but after reboot I still see the software. I’m not sure why the software is getting reinstalled again. I’m using an Windows 10 operating system on my personal laptop. Can you please let me know if there is a way to uninstall the software completely so that it won’t reinstall?

Thanks for the question. We will discuss in this post on how we can uninstall Microsoft Teams software completely in Windows 10 and have a look at the bonus tip added at the end.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams completely

We always think that uninstalling a software will remove the software from the machine, but when it comes to Microsoft Teams, we need to uninstall two software that are mentioned below.

  • Click on Start menu and select Settings.
  • Select Apps from the setting options.
  • In the search box, type Teams to filter for teams related software.
  • Select Microsoft Teams, click Uninstall and follow up with the procedure.
  • Select Teams Machine-Wide Installer click Uninstall and follow up with the procedure.
  • We’re done! Microsoft Teams is completely uninstalled from your machine. Next time when you login, the software won’t get reinstalled.

Don’t forget to clear the MS Teams cache

It is always a safer option to clear cache after uninstalling Microsoft teams. So the next time when you or anyone else install the same software on your machine, you won’t be logged into your account automatically.

  • Copy the path ‘%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams‘ (without quotes) inside your Windows Explorer and hit enter.
  • Select all the files in that folder and remove them from your machine.
  • That is it. Your cache is removed and you will not be logged in automatically to your Teams account the next time.