Sync Microsoft Teams files and folders to your PC desktop

Here’s a question from Florence:

I work for a marketing agency as a project coordinator. I keep all client files in a well organized folder structure under a Teams channel. I need quite frequent access to these files, so i am wondering whether there is a simple way to fetch my files right from my Windows 11 File Explorer application. I am almost sure that there is an option to keep a local copy of my files or at least a link to those files and folders on my laptop. Any ideas / suggestions?

Access Teams folder from Windows explorer

To sync and show your Teams folders in Windows File Explorer, follow the instructions below:

  1. In your Windows computer, open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Find the channel which contains the folders you would like to sync.
  3. Open the Files tab.
  4. Hit the Sync button to synchronize your Teams folders (which are physically stored in an hidden SharePoint site) to your Desktop.
  5. Note that in order to download your files, you might be prompted to authorize OneDrive and Teams to interact.
  6. The sync process will run for some time depending on the number of files and their size.
  7. Once done, open the File Explorer.
  8. You will note in the File Explorer tree a new shortcut named after your organization. The shortcut can be found immediately below your OneDrive shortcut.
  9. If you hit the shortcut, you will be able to access a local copy of your folders and files available at your Teams channel.
  10. Your files will be periodically bidirectionally synchronized to reflect latest changes.

Note: This tutorial assumes that OneDrive is installed and enabled in your PC. In case of issues during syncing your folders – feel free to look into our Teams sync troubleshooting guide.

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