How to stop Microsoft Teams from restarting when starting up your PC?

Here’s a question from Michael:

I was in the middle of an important meeting yesterday, and suddenly Microsoft Teams restarted. It actually cut me off from the call, and I had to wait for a longer time to connect again. This issue happened to me a lot of times after that. Can you let me know a resolution for this?

Thanks for your question. We would like to recommend to execute a two step process here. First, to force close Teams and then to clear its cache. If both not working, then a re-install of the software might be required. Read on for the details.

1. Force close Microsoft Teams

The first thing you can do is force close your Microsoft Teams from your task manager. 

  • Open your task manager, keeping Microsoft Teams running.
  • Click on Microsoft Teams under apps and click on End Task, which will completely close the Teams software.
  • Open your Teams application again and check if the problem still occurs.

2. Remove Microsoft Teams Cache files:

There is a possibility that this issue would have caused by corrupted Microsoft Teams cached files. To fix this issue, we will need to remove the cached files located in your Windows AppData folder.

  • Make sure the Teams application is currently not running on the machine.
  • Open File Explorer, and paste the below path in the address bar.
  • Path: %AppData%\Microsoft\Teams .
  • Now select all the files in the folder and remove them.
  • Now go ahead and reboot your computer.
  • Try opening Teams again. Take note that you will need to login into your account this time.

If problem persists, reinstall Microsoft Teams:

If the steps outlined above didn’t help, then our recommendation would be to go ahead and reinstall Microsoft Teams on your computer.