How to start a chat with yourself in Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question from Cindi:

I typically use Microsoft OneNote in order to capture my reminders , notes and to do lists. Lately, i seem to use Microsoft Teams all day long, and i heard of a nice feature that allows me to start a chat with myself that should allow me to send myself notes and files instead of managing those in OneNote. Any hints and tips are appreciated. Many Thanks for your help.

Create a Chat with yourself in Teams

Thanks so much for the question. Starting couple months ago, Microsoft Teams has provided us a new feature that allows us to start a chat with ourselves, in the same fashion we would have used Chat to communicate with other colleagues.

Proceed as following to access the chat with self function:

  • Open your Teams App.
  • From the left hand side App bar hit the Chat button.
  • Then expand the Pinned chats section and hit your name.
  • That’s your own private chat with yourself.
  • You can use the Chat tab to post random notes, to-dos, images and reminders, as well as upload files from OneDrive or your computer into the Files tab. You can even connect your Teams self chat with your LinkedIn account if needed.
  • One additional interesting capability of chat with self is that it allows access to the Organization browser, which allows you to quickly find the organization affiliation of any of your colleagues. This capability is similar to the /org shortcut in the Microsoft Teams Search bar.

Teams chat with self has disappeared or not working – how to fix?

In case t that you are using the Teams Windows desktop client, you might want to logoff, and remove your Team desktop client cache. Once done login again. Teams web users, should logoff, then clean their browser cache and login again.