How to turn on and off the Spell checker in Outlook and Microsoft Word?

Spell check is generally a very handy part of Software, but might not be everyone cup’s of tea. Its purpose is simple: allows us to flag and correct spelling mistakes as we writein any of the Microsoft Office applications (as well as in Teams). The spellercan be enabled or disabled for each app as per the user needs and preferences. Readers have asked us how to enable the speller if it wasn’t working in Office 2016 and 2019. In today’s post, we’ll learn how we can enable spelling checks in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. You can learn everything about auto spelling checks in Excel from this tutorial.

Enable / Disable Spell check in Microsoft Word

  • Open your Microsoft Word application.
  • To spell-check on your document, click on Review from the navigation bar and select Spelling & Grammar.
  • If Spelling & Grammar is unavailable, click on File and select Options.
  • Click on Customize Ribbon in the word options.
  • From Choose commands from dropdown, select All Commands.
  • Scroll to find Spelling & Grammar and add them to the Main tabs.
  • To customize the type of errors that needs to be flagged, click on Proofing in the Word options.

Enable Spell check in Microsoft Outlook

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Click on File command and then select Options.
  • In the Outlook options, click on Mail, and under the Compose messages, check on Always check spelling before sending.
  • Click on Spelling and Autocorrect button, and you can customize the type of errors that needs to be flagged.