How to insert a whiteboard into Microsoft Teams channels and meetings?

Microsoft Teams allows for collaborative whiteboards into your Teams channels and meetings.

Insert a Whiteboard in a Teams Channel

To add a whiteboard to a channel, you”ll first need to go to that channel and click the plus icon at the top bar to search for additional apps.

The Add a tab dialog will open. Specifically you’ll look for the Whiteboard icon as shown below. Use this procedure to add apps into your Teams channel.

Whiteboard is included as part of your Microsoft 365 subscription, so you should be able to find it. If you do not see the Whiteboard app, simply start typing the word Whiteboard and it should appear. If you are not able to see the Whiteboard app, it may need to be enabled in your company. Ask your IT department to enable if required.

Once you have selected the Whiteboard app, you will need to name it The box will be automatically checked to post about this whiteboard to your channel, you can choose here if you want to uncheck.

Whiteboard will be added as a Tab at the top of your channel, you can go in and work on it at anytime. If you are in a Teams meeting, you can click on the three dots to add an app.

Using a Whiteboard to annotate in Teams meeting

In a Teams meeting, select the share content button and choose whiteboard from there. This opens up the whiteboard for your meeting. You can select to present the whiteboard which only allows you to work on it. By choosing the collaborate on whiteboard option, everyone in the meeting will be able to work on the board.

Once the meeting is over, participants can go back to the meeting chat and find the whiteboard again. Please note that if you record a meeting with the whiteboard, it will not show up in the video.

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