How to share files between Teams in Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question from Arista:

I am a project administrator working for a multinational consulting company. Amongst my many tasks, i was asked by my manager asked me to upload a file to Microsoft Teams and have users from other department (which are also organized as a Microsoft Team) to access its content. Probably the easiest could be to create a new team comprising people from both departments, but probably an overkill if all i need is to share a couple of documents every months. Your help is appreciated in advance.

Share teams file outside your team

Thanks for the question. Here’s a quick tutorial aimed at helping you to collaborate with others users from outside your Team on specific documents.

  • Open the Microsoft Teams app (either on Windows, macOS or Web versions)
  • Navigate to your Team.
  • Optional: consider creating a new Channel in which you’ll save documents that you are interested in sharing with internal and external parties.
  • Navigate to the channel that contains the document you would like to share.
  • Hit on File and find the relevant document.
  • Hit the check box at the left hand side of the document, then hit the Show actions () icon and select Open in SharePoint.
  • The SharePoint library that is associated with and hosts your Teams files will open up.
  • Also here, mark the check box of the file you would like to share and hit Share. Note that in case of multiple files you’ll need to share each of them separately, or store them in one folder and then share.
  • The Send Link dialog will open
  • First select the specific Team with which you would like to share the document/s. In our case, we shared with the Sales team.
  • Enter a short introductory message that will be e-mailed alongside your file/s.
  • If needed setup specific document permissions to restrict editing for example.
  • Hit Send. A link to your document will be sent to the other Teams members (internal and external as well)

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Enjoy Teams 🙂