How to create and start Teams meetings?

Here’s a question i got a few days ago:

Microsoft Teams was just rolled out in our organization, and it seems people are still getting used to it. How should i schedule my meetings in Teams? Can you provide some best practices for creating and sharing links to Teams meetings?

Scheduling Teams meetings

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll be focusing on two different methods for starting meetings in Teams: from the built-in Meetings application, which is probably more suited for smaller teams and from your Microsoft Outlook application (for Windows or macOS).

Creating Teams meetings in Outlook

Business users in larger organizations might use the Microsoft Teams plugin for Outlook to schedule their appointments. Here’s how to do that:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Navigate to the Calendar tab.
  • From the Ribbon, hit the Join Teams Meeting button. Alternatively, hit New Item>> Teams Meeting.
  • Then go ahead and enter your meeting title, invite the required team members.
  • Every invited person will receive an Outlook request which they can use to easily access your audio or video meeting, using the link shown below.
  • The meeting chat, as well as files, notes and the meeting whiteboard (in case that one was used) will be available in your Teams Chat application.
  • Note that if attendees do not have Microsoft Teams installed, they will need to download either the Desktop or Web versions to be able to join.

Organizing meetings directly in Teams

If you don’t have the Outlook integration available, you will still be able to use the Meetings application in Microsoft Teams (in either desktop, web , Android or iOS) to schedule your meetings.

  • From the App Bar, hit Meetings.
  • Choose if you want to start your meeting now or setup a future appointment or meeting.
  • For scheduled meetings, add your title / description and set the appointment start time and duration.
  • Then hit Schedule.
  • Then send your meeting invite by Outlook or Google Calendar (which will show your meeting in your calendar), or simply copy the meeting invite and send by email to the attendees (this won’t have the calendar integration).
  • If at all applicable, don’t forget to set the Meeting Options as required (such as the Meeting layout, Bottom panel behavior and so forth).

Enjoy Teams, and let us know in case of questions.