How to send a video clip message in Teams chat?

Here’s a question from Kitty:

I was told by a consultant that he is able to send a simple clip of up to a minute to his colleagues right from the Personal Microsoft Teams Web and Mobile chat. That’s great, but it seems that the IT team has disabled the possibility to record and share video clips right from the desktop version of Microsoft Teams. On top of that, i am interested to record videos that are 5 minutes long or probably more. Any tips and tricks?

Video recording in Teams desktop chat

In The Free version there is a Video Recording button next to the Send icon. Hitting that button allows you to record a video message of up to a minute long.

In your case, you are interested to record longer messages. Until that is possible in Teams, you can use a simple trick:

Step 1: Create a Video clip using the Camera Application

  • Hit Windows + S (or hit the magnifying glass at the left hand side of your Windows taskbar.
  • Type Camera and hit Enter.
  • The Camera application will open app.
  • Make sure that your camera is enabled.
  • Then hit the Take Video button and record your message.
  • Hit the Stop button once done.
  • At the right hand side of your recording, you’ll notice the See More icon (…).
  • Hit Open Folder.
  • Your Camera Roll folder will open up.
  • Copy the path to your video recording (file in mp4 format).

Step 2: Forward your video in the Teams Chat

  • Open Microsoft Teams.
  • From the left hand sidebar, hit Chat.
  • Find and search for the specific chat thread in which you would like to share your video
  • Write an intro message, then hit the Attach Files and select Upload from this device.
  • Copy the path to your camera roll into the Open With Dialog.
  • Select your file and hit OK.
  • Back in your chat, hit the Send button (as marked in the right hand side of the screenshot above).

Step 3: Share your video with your channel

In a similar fashion you can also share a video file with your channel colleagues:

  • Open Teams
  • Search for your channel.
  • Open the Posts tab.
  • Upload your video file as shown above.