How to get rid of the Skype chat history in messenger?

Recently, I had problems with deleting Skype chat message history stored in Outlook messenger. After some research, it looks like there are no options available to delete Skype chat history directly from Outlook messenger.  Instead, i had clear the whole chat history in Skype itself. In Skype for Business you can easily remove certain chat messages, the entire procedure is described below. Feel free to leave as a comment in case of questions.

Delete chat history in Skype

  • ¬†Log into your Skype account (note that you might need to install Skype on your PC if it’s not already installed).
  • Click on the¬†Tools button from the toolbar and select Options.
  • Click Privacy settings from the opened dialog box.
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  • You can find Clear History down the Keep History for and Select Clear History.
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  • Click Delete in the dialog box and Select Save.
  • Now you won’t find chat conversation in Skype application and also in outlook messenger.


  • We can delete specific message from a recent chat by right click and select Remove message.
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Delete conversation history in Skype for Business

If you are using Skype for Business, your Skype chat history is kept in the Conversation History in Microsoft Outlook.

  • In Skype, hit the Settings cog.
  • Then navigate to the File Menu and hit View Conversation History.
  • This will open Outlook and take you to the relevant folder.
  • From here you can either delete the conversation (as it was a normal Outlook email) or archive it into an Offline folder.

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