How to record a Zoom meeting and share it with other people?

Here’s a question from Rachel:

I have a recording of a Zoom meeting on my local computer. But I do not have permission to use Zoom cloud as I am using the Zoom free version. I have to share the video by uploading it on any of the file hosting services and provide the link to my colleagues. Do we have any ways to upload the file and cloud, then share the link with my colleagues?

Thanks for your question. In this post, we will learn to record the zoom meetings and upload in file hosting services.

Recording the Zoom meeting

  • Start your zoom meeting and make sure all the required participants have joined the meeting.
  • Then hover over the meeting screen and click on the Record icon.
  • When you wish to stop the recording, click on Stop Recording on the meeting screen.
  • Once the meeting is ended, the recording will be stored locally on your computer.

Where did my Zoom recording go?

In case you don’t find where your meeting recording is stored: note that in Windows operating systems recordings are by default stored in your user home directory, specifically in the Documents\Zoom folder.

Save Zoom recordings to OneDrive

  • Once the file is ready locally, click on OneDrive for business icon from the tray icon.
  • Select View Online.
  • Once you are directed to the OneDrive share, you can upload your zoom meeting file there.

Share Zoom recording with others

  • Open your Zoom meeting and click on the Chat.
  • Select any of the participants, click on the File icon, and select Microsoft OneDrive
  • Select the file that needs to be shared. This will generate a shareable link.
  • You can choose who can access this link from the options provided.
  • Once it is done, the link is shared with the participant and can be copied to others.