How to “raise your hand” in Zoom Meetings?

Here’s a question from Adhitya:

A meeting is scheduled with one of our clients to discuss the progress of our current project. Meeting is hosted by the customer. During the preparatory internal sync, we were explicitly asked by management to use the Raise Hand option when we want to speak up during our Zoom meetings involving clients.. Can you kindly let me know how I can use the Raise hand option during the Zoom meetings?

Thanks for your question, Adhitya. The raise hand option in Zoom notifies the host of the meeting that you would like to speak up on the specific topic.

Use the Raise Hand icon in the meeting panel

  • If you haven’t joined your meeting yet, open the Zoom Meetings desktop application and join the meeting.
  • Hover over the screen, and you can see at the bottom of the screen we have a panel with various options.
  • Click on the Reactions icon, and hit the Raise Hand button.
  • Now you can see that the Hand icon next to your name. 

Raise Hand using keypad:

  • Open the Zoom application and join the invited meeting.
  • Press the Alt+Y to Raise Hand to notify the host.

Lower Hand:

Do not forget to Lower hand after speaking up, as that may lead to some confusion. Proceed with the below steps to Lower Hand in the meeting.

  • Hover over the meeting panel, select the Reactions option, and click Lower Hand, or we can press Alt+Y.
  • Now the hand icon is disappeared.

That’s it for today; enjoy Zoom and make sure to look into this updated Zoom list of tips and tricks 🙂