How to easily make a brochure using Word 2016?

In Marketing, brochures are typically used to get people to know, understand and talk about your product, company or event.  You don’t have to be a professional marketeer to create and print professional brochures. You can use templates built on top of Microsoft Word to create our own brochure with different kinds of formats.

In this post we will provide a step by step guide for defining and printing inexpensive brochures you can use for business or personal purposes using Word.

Define the brochure:

  • Open your word 2016, click on File and select New.

2015-08-29 22_02_12-Document1 - Word

  • Search for Brochure teplate in the space provided for searching, or use your own template.

2015-08-29 22_02_52-Document1 - Word

  • Select any one of the brochure templates, check the preview and click Create.

2015-08-29 22_03_29-Document1 - Word

  • A sample brochure is now created.
  • Save the brochure by either by pressing Ctrl+S in the keyboard or click file and select Save.

2015-08-29 22_04_21-Document3 - Word

Customizing your brochure:

We can make changes to the images and texts in the sample brochure to make our own brochure. Read further to learn about the modifications in brochure.

  • We can change the Image by right click on the image and select Change picture..

2015-08-29 22_06_03-

  • Insert the picture by browsing it from your disk.
  • Or by using the Bing search.
  • Or by the pictures you have uploaded on your Facebook account.
  • Or the pictures that you have saved on your OneDrive.

2015-08-29 22_07_18-

  • We can change the text, simply tap on the text and hit delete or backspace key in the keyboard.

2015-08-29 22_08_41-Document3 - Word

  • If you don’t want a text in the give space simply erase the text.
  • After finishing your changes to the brochure, press Ctrl+S and save it.

Inserting columns into the brochure:

  • Right click on the brochure where new column has to be placed and move cursor to Insert.

2015-08-29 22_11_03-

  • Click Insert columns to right or Insert columns to left to insert new column to right or left of the selected column.
  • Insert rows above or Insert rows below allows us to insert a new row above or below the page.
  • Inserting cells helps us move the selected cell right and down.
  • Also Inserting the entire row and Inserting entire column will insert a new row or column from the selected column.

2015-08-29 22_12_37-Document3 - Word

Suggested next steps

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