How to Open PPTX files if you don’t have PowerPoint?

Even though it is the standard package for creating and exchanging presentations, Microsoft Power Point , which is part of the  Office productivity suite, is often inaccessible to many. In this post, I am going to explain 5 simple ways by which you can open a PPTX (Power Point 2007+) file without using Power Point.


1. Get the Power Point Viewer:

Microsoft regularly releases the PowerPoint viewer for Windows users who do not use MS Office. Needless to say, the viewer is free and you can use it to open both PPT and PPTX files in it although you won't be allowed to edit them.

Download MS Power Point Viewer 2010 (Works on Win XP SP3 and above)


Use the Web App(s):

2. Google Docs


Google Docs – The flagship Productivity Web Application from Google can handle both PPT and PPTX files. It’s free and also supports the newer format. Sounds great, right?

3. MS Office Web Apps



Microsoft, in an effort to compete against Google Docs now has a Free Web Application for Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note. The Web App is a stripped down version of the desktop version. But given the ‘Free’ tag we don’t have much to complain.

The PowerPoint Web App allows you create/edit and view Power Point files on the web for free.

Links: Google Docs | MS Office Web Apps


4. Open Office:

Open Office – The Free desktop productivity suite can view PPTX/PPT files. You can also edit Power Point files with Open Office, although the rendering of MS-Office files is sometimes inaccurate.

Download Open Office

5. Zoho Viewer:


Zoho Viewer helps you view your PPT/PPTX files with ease. It also supports a plethora of other Office formats and Open Office formats. In addition to viewing you can also edit the files with Zoho.

Link: Zoho Viewer

The applications mentioned above should suffice most users. If you are looking to edit the files and need more advanced functions you might have to purchase MS Office 2010.

P.S. Most of the tips given above also apply for viewing Word documents and Excel Spread Sheets.

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Karthik says November 12, 2010

I use Linux on my netbook and this article is very relevant to me since I can't get Office for it.

Ted says November 12, 2010

That is a very good article! :)

Ashutosh says November 12, 2010

You might also want to mention that the original formatting will be preserved only with the PowerPoint Viewer, and the Office webapps. :)

Gouthaman Karunakaran says November 13, 2010

@Ashutosh: Hmmm, I personally checked a PPTX file created with Powerpoint 2007 and it retained “most” of the formatting in Google Docs. But, Zoho Viewer didn’t preserve the original formatting. :)

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