How to secure Excel worksheets and Powerpoint presentations in Office 2013 and 2016?

On the other day, one of my colleagues was asking me if there is a way to secure  Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations in Office 2013 so that others will not have access to those files. Here’s my answer:

  • Open the Excel worksheet/Powerpoint Presentation that you would like to secure.
  • Under File menu, select Info.
  • In Excel 2013, you’ll find Protect Workbook drop down.Click on it and select Encrypt as password.
  •  In Powerpoint 2013, you can find this option under Protect Presentation drop down.
  • In the pop-up window that opens, type in your desired password and click on OK.

More tips :

  • In Excel 2013, you can control what type of changes people can make by selecting Protect Current Sheet in the Protect Workbook drop down.
  • This option is also available under the ribbon Review -> Protect Sheet.


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