Delete / Hotmail account profiles from Microsoft Outlook

Here’s a quick question from Doris:

Hi there. Starting a couple weeks ago, i use Microsoft Outlook 2019 at work on a daily basis to manage my primary email, calendar and contacts. I have also added additional email addresses to Outlook. specifically my private GMail and mailboxes. Initially that was pretty helpful as i had a one stop shop for all my email – work and personal related. Now i would like to remove my private mailbox from Outlook.  My only concern is that will wipe off my Hotmail account  altogether. Is that the case? How to go about un-linking Hotmail from  Outlook?

Thanks for the question. In my answer i will assume you are in Windows. The procedure for macOS is slightly different.

In the same way that you managed to add mailbox to your Microsoft Outlook you are able to unlink it.

Note that if you remove your Outlook profile any offline or cached information associated with that profile will be removed from your computer. Hence, Before you go ahead and follow this procedure ensure that:

  • You are able to access your mailbox from the web.
  • You have a working backup of your email as a .pst file.

Ok, let’s get started here.

Remove Outlook account from Outlook 2019

Please proceed as following:

  1. Ensure you have your password to / Hotmail.
  2. Navigate to and Login to your mailbox – if you are not able to login, don’t proceed further, as you won’t be able to access your mailbox otherwise.
  3. Open Microsoft Outlook for Windows.
  4. Hit on File.
  5. Now, in the Info tab, hit on Account Settings.
  6. Select Account Settings, the dialog will come up.
  7. In the Email tab, highlight your mailbox.
  8. Hit the Remove button.
  9. Assuming you have created a backup of your email, as explained above, hit OK.

That’s it. You email address profile and mailbox were permanently deleted from your computer. Should you want to re-associate it, kindly proceed according to this tutorial.

Have a great day 😉