Tutorial: How to share your screen in Microsoft Teams?

Sharing a presentation/ movie or document is probably among the most basic and important capabilities of a online collaboration platform. In today’s quick Microsoft Teams 101 tutorial we’ll learn how simple is to use the screen sharing function.

Once you create a Teams meeting, or join one, you are able to show your desktop, specific applications, PowerPoint presentation, YouTube videos or any other website. Note that screen sharing is not available in chats only in meetings.

Here’s the step by step process to show content in Teams:

  • Create, Schedule or be invited to a Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • Ensure that Teams is installed on your device (select from Desktop, Web, macOS, Android or ioS versions ).
  • Choose your audio and video settings as needed (Enable video, blur the background or set a virtual one and enable your mic).
  • Join the meeting.
  • From the meeting bar, hit the Share button (shown below).
  • Next is to go ahead and select which content you would like to show to the meeting audience. It can be either your Desktop, Specific Windows, PowerPoint, Document or a Website.
  • The area that is been shared with the audience will be surrounded by a red box, so it will be clearly visible.
  • Wait a few seconds to ensure that the meeting participants are able to view the shared content.
  • Once done , hit the Stop Sharing button.

Note that there might be a case, that the Share button won’t be available in your Teams meeting bar. This is due to settings done by your Microsoft Teams administrator. If that’s the case, you might want to talk to your Information Technologies support.