How to add a survey to your Microsoft Teams Channel?

The other day we received the following email:

I am aware of your tutorials on Outlook forms, but this time i wanted to use our new Microsoft Teams website to publish a short survey to the Team. Any ideas on how to do that?

Thanks for the question. In today’s post we’ll show you how to very easily define a survey and published it into your Team channel, whether it’s a private or public one.

Create a Survey for Microsoft Teams

This tutorial has two parts: we’ll start by working on Microsoft Forms to create the new Form and then tap into Microsoft Teams so that we can post it for the team and gather the feedback.

Note: There are third party solutions such as Polly, Survey Monkey or even Zoho Forms that you can use. We believe however that the Microsoft Forms solution is robust, well integrated and generally better fitted for simple Team polling.

Creating the Poll in Forms

First off, head over to Microsoft Forms. Note that you’ll need an Microsoft Office 365 / Outlook / Hotmail login and password to use it.

Once logged in, under My Forms, hit on New Form.

Note: You might as well use this tutorial to define and publish a Quiz

First off, define the heading or your survey, to help guide your colleagues through on the survey purpose and any instructions you might want to convey. You might as well want to define a deadline for filling our the form.

Note: In case that you would like to ensure that the poll is anonymous, then hit the 3-dot (…) button in your right hand side, then select Settings, and under the Who can fill out this form section, uncheck the Record name checkbox. Otherwise, respondents names will be recorded,

Now go ahead and define your Forms questions, note that you can add either multiple choice, text or date or ranking fields.

Once done, make sure that you preview your form.

Publishing the Survey / Poll in Teams

We are progressing. Our next step will be to make the survey available in Teams.

Here’s the complete process to make your survey available to the team members:

  1. Login to Microsoft Teams
  2. In the Teams tab, navigate to your Team and Channel.
  3. Alternatively, you might want to consider creating a new dedicated channel for your poll.
  4. Once done, hit on the + icon in your Channel.
  5. Pick the Forms app.
  6. Now go ahead and choose to add the form you have already defined in the previous section. In our case, the name is Team Gathering.
  1. As you are very interested in gathering feedback, ensure that the form is set to Collect responses.
  2. At this point, you might want to also ensure to check the post of channel about this tab button.
  3. Now hit Save.
  4. You’ll now see your Poll in Teams, as shown below:

Your Team members will receive a message about the new Poll out there, so they can go on and fill it. All you’ll need to do now, is to check the results. You can do that by navigating to your form Results tab in Microsoft Forms.

That was a pretty simple example, but there is a lot you can do with Teams in the area of online collaboration. Please feel free to ask any question using the comments.

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