Teams display name is wrong. How to change it on Windows?

Here’s a question from one of our readers:

I have been using Microsoft teams for a while now and now realized that i created my display name showing just my first name.Can i now add my last name and title to my display name. If so, can you please give me a quick guidance on how to accomplish that?

Change your display name in Microsoft Teams

To modify your Teams display name if it is wrong, proceed as following:

  1. Open your Teams and hit on your Teams avatar.
  2. Now, click on Edit profile under the display name.
  1. Enter the name, that you need to change it to as a display name in Teams and finally hit Save. Note that you might take the opportunity to upload a new Teams default image.
  2. Now you can see that the display name is changed and it will be be correctly displayed to other Teams users participating in meetings and chat conversations.

Important Note: If your organization has a central deployment of Microsoft Teams, most probably, you won’t have permissions to change your display name. Discuss with your Information Technologies group to be able to modify your display name and title.

Change your Teams profile picture

To modify the Teams display picture, proceed as following:

  1. In the Teams upper right hand side bar, hit your profile icon.
  2. Then hover over the icon and hit the camera symbol (Change Profile Photo)
  3. Now either upload a new photo from your local computer drive, network location or OneDrive.
  4. Hit Save.

Display name or picture didn’t change

If you have followed the instructions above, your Teams display and icon should have been successfully changed. In case it didn’t:

  1. Sign off from Microsoft Teams.
  2. Following these instructions to remove your Teams cache files.
  3. Login to Teams.


How can i change the display name in Teams after i joined a meeting?

  • While in a Teams meeting, hit the Show Participants button and then find your name.
  • Double click your name, which should now become editable.
  • Edit your display name as needed.
  • Hit Save to confirm your changes.