How to download the attendees list of a Microsoft Teams meeting?

Here’s a question from Ivanna:

My manager asked me to issue an attendance report of our periodic group meetings which we held via Microsoft Teams. I am aware of a possibility to obtain the meeting attendees list during the meeting. My question is whether there is a simple way to obtain attendance report for meetings held in the past. I searched in different places, but the list is not showing up. Any ideas on how to proceed here?

Save the participants list during a Teams meeting

If you are the meeting host you can obtain the meeting report by following this process:

  • While in the Teams meeting hit the Show participants icon available in your Teams upper menu.
  • Then next the the Participants list, hit the ellipsis (…) icon and select Download attendance list as shown in the picture below.

Access the participants report after the Teams meeting

You can also easily generate a report from the Teams application for meetings that have occurred in the past, assuming you are the meeting host or Teams admin.

  • In your computer go ahead and open the Microsoft Teams application.
  • Hit the Calendar icon in the left hand side menu bar. If you don’t see the Calendar app, hit the ellipsis (…) icon and search for it from the list of available apps that the your Information Technology admin has made available for your organization.
  • Locate your meeting in the calendar.
  • Double click the meeting entry in the calendar.
  • From the upper menu bar, select the chat tab.
  • Download the attendance report from the meeting chat dialog.
  • Note that you can also see the meeting attendees in the Attendance tab.

Enjoy Teams 🙂