How to create a form with check boxes in Microsoft Word 2013?

The other day, we had a question from one of our subscribers about creating a form in Word 2013 in Developer mode.

Forms allows for easy data capturing and are widely used in Word and other Office applications. There are two major ways for making your own customized forms in Word:

  • Using predefined templates – this comes handy in case you need a standard form.
  • Customizing your own forms. This is the option we will handle in this post.

Before we get started with our form customization, we’ll need to have the developer tab enabled. This will add a bunch of custom controls we can use for building our form.

How to Enable Developer tab in Word?

  • Launch Microsoft Word 2013 and select Options under File menu.
  • Check the Developer option under the Main menu and click on OK.


  • This enables developer mode and you can find a Developer tab in the ribbon.


Setting up a form with checkboxes:

As an example, let us design a form which will allow us to capture the name, gender and known languages from people.

  • Launch Microsoft Office 2013 with a blank document. Now enter the field names using the Plain Text Content control.


  • To add a check box, select the icon with tick mark inside it. For the ‘Gender’ field, you can add two check boxes, one each for Male and female. Similarly for ‘Languages known’ field you can add as many languages and include check boxes for each language.


  • You can edit the check box control properties by selecting a check box and clicking on Properties under Developer tab.


To summarize,  enter into developer mode by enabling Developer tab and create your own forms with all controls available in the Developer tab.

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