How to insert mirrored or flipped text in Word 2013?

On the other day, I was asked by one of my friends if there is an option to get mirrored text in Word 2013. I was looking for the same but there wasn’t a direct option. So here is a workaround which allows you to flip your text in Word 2013.

  • Launch Microsoft Word 2013 in your computer.
  • You need to insert text in a text box so that it can be transformed. To insert a textbox, select Insert menu and click on Text Box on your right.


  • Enter the text in the text box and switch to Format menu.
  • You can find the Rotate option to your right, click on it to get the dropdown.


  • Select your desired option to rotate or flip the text.
  • To get a mirrored text, click on Flip to Vertical option.

More tips:

  • You can rotate text to a particular angle by selecting More Rotation Options and specifying angle in degrees in Rotate the Size tab.


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Steve says September 16, 2019

Flip to vertical only makes the text vertical. It doesn’t invert it…

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