How to insert a form in Microsoft Excel 2013?

Sometimes you would like obtain user feedback and use it as input in your Excel worksheet logic. Using form controls such as buttons, radio buttons, labels, check boxes, combo boxes, text-field labels etc’ allows you to capture information in an easy and intuitive way.

First off, you’ll need to enable the Excel 2013 Developer tab:

  • Select File menu and click on Options.
  • In the dialog box that opens, select Customize Ribbon.


  • Check Developer under the Main tab and click on OK.

Once you have enabled the Developer tab, you can go a head and create your custom form very easily.

  • Under the Developer tab, you will find an Insert option with which you can insert form controls.


  • Click on a form control and drop into your worksheet and you can build a form in Excel.
  • Then author your data entry form and assign it buttons, check boxes and other controls as required.
  • Your last action will be to either write custom macros or VBA code to automate form action as needed.

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