How to define a custom template in Word, Excel or Powerpoint 2016?

From time to time, when i develop a nice document, worksheet or presentation format in Office, i want to later leverage it as a template for jump-starting creation of future docs or spreadsheet.

In today’s quick tip, i will show you how i create templates in Microsoft Office 2016. A similar process is also applicable Office 2010 and 2013.

Here’s how you define a custom template in Excel / Word /PowerPoint 2016:

  • Open your document/ spreadsheet/ presentation.
  • Press File.
  • Hit Save As.
  • Specify a File Name. In the file type field  pick Word Template (or Excel, Powerpoint as needed).
  • If you have previously created macros in your document, pick Macro-Enabled Template.
  • Note that by default, Office will store your templates under your Windows user profile Custom Office Templates folder. Business users might want to specify a network location so the template can be shared with other colleagues in your department.

In order to use your template, simply proceed as following:

  • Hit File and then select New.
  • In the New page, you’ll notice all available templates for you to use. Hit Personal and select the template you have just created.


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