How to participate in a Microsoft Teams scheduled audio or video meeting?

Here’s a questions we got from Eva:

I have a meeting scheduled with an important customer in less than three weeks. In the Outlook invitation i got, there’s a Microsoft Teams link that i should be using to join the meeting. I want to make sure that i covered all relevant logistics way ahead of the meeting. Can you provide a quick checklist on what should i do to ensure i can join the meeting and minimize the risk of encountering technical issues?

Thanks for your question. In today’s tutorial will cover the most prevalent topics related to preparing and participating in Teams meeting either as an internal or external member.

Quick guide for joining a Teams meeting

Download and setup Teams

To prevent last minutes issue, it is advised that prior to the meeting, you’ll ensure that your computer is set up to run Teams. Go to the Microsoft Teams site to download the app to your computer and/or mobile. Proceed through the installation process and ensure that you are good to go, well before your customer meeting.

Join from Outlook

  1. Most probably you have received an Outlook calendar meeting request that has the following link embedded in the lower part of the invitation body. You should use that specific link to join the meeting in due time. You might want to consider defining an Outlook reminder to ensure you don’t forget about your meeting.
  1. Alternatively, you can use the Meetings button in the Ribbon, as shown below.
  1. If Teams is not yet installed in your computer or mobile,you’ll be prompted to install either the Desktop app or otherwise joined via the web.
  1. Once you install the software or join by web, the following dialog will appear.
  1. Go ahead and specify the meeting settings as indicated above. Enable/disable your camera (1), blur the background (2) as needed and set your audio (3).
  2. Once done hit Join now (4)
  3. You can also set a custom background for your video call as shown below.
  1. If you are an external guest, you might be placed in the meeting lobby and will need to wait for one of the owners/organizers to add you to the event. If you are not admitted in 15 minutes from the time you initially joined, you’ll need to unfortunately hang up and re-join.
  2. Once admitted you are able to use the Meeting bar to share your screen content with others, ask questions, mute your audio or cancel your video as needed.

Joining Teams meetings from the Calendar app

If you have the Calendar app enabled in Teams, you can join scheduled meetings right from there.

  • From the App Bar, hit Calendar.
  • navigate to your meeting
  • Hit the blue Join button.
  • Proceed as described in in the previous section.

Using a join Code

You might have received a code to join a specific team. If so proceed as following:

  • From the the left hand side App Bar, hit on Teams.
  • At the lower hand of your Teams list, hit the Join or Create Teams button.
  • Input the Code and hit Join.

Can’t join the Teams meeting?

There could be several issues that are preventing you from joining the meeting. Specific issues could range from your the quality and availability of your internet connection, virtual private network (VPN) settings, audio and video equipment, software and hardware issues. Rebooting your Windows PC is an option and it would be your best bet if time is of essence. If that’s not possible, it is probably a good idea to contact your host and see if you can join by phone dial-in instead.

Have you encountered challenges when added to Teams meetings? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.