How to make and update a table of contents in your Word 2016 document?

A well known practice in business and academics is to add a summary and table of contents to any word document you write. In today’s quick tip will learn how to define a table of content (TOC) index that will help your document readers, being your boss, colleague or professor to quickly and effectively navigate through your work.

Here are the steps to develop a content list in Word:

  • First off, ensure that you have formatted your document using the styles available in the Home tab. The headings you have predefined will drive the structure of your contents table.
  • Now, open your document and navigate to the location you would like to place your contents list in.
  • In the Ribbon, select References.
  • Then select Table of Contents.
  • Pick out of the built in automatic table templates, develop you list manually or feel free to select a nice template from the Microsoft Office web site.
  • Advanced users might want to create custom TOC templates.

As you introduce changes to your document, you might need to update your contents table:

  • Navigate to the table.
  • Right click and select Update Field.
  • Select whether you would like to update the page numbers only or the entire table
  • Hit OK.

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