Embed new and existing objects into Word documents

Here’s a question from Dorothy:

I am working on an extensive document that contains real estate information. One if the things i would like to do is to embed a couple of slides of an existing PowerPoint presentation into a document. I know that i am able to copy specific slides and just go ahead and paste them into the presentation. That’s helpful, but for some reason once i paste the slides, it comes up a bit blurred. i guess my questions is whether there a chance to embed objects into Word documents in a different fashion.

Thanks Dorothy for the question. It’s absolutely possible. It’s possible to insert pretty much any file into existing Word documents: Excel spreadsheets, images, PDF files, other word documents and obviously as you asked, also PowerPoint presentations. You can also insert specific Microsoft Office objects such as charts, slides etc’. You can also add Word documents to Excel or any other Office application.

Back to your question, let’s explain how to insert any file to Word using the PowerPoint example you have provided.

Let’s get started with a quick answer here.

Insert Objects into Word Documents

Please proceed as following:

  1. Open your Word document (via File Explorer, or using the File>>Open command in Word) or create a new Word document.
  2. Go to the specific place in your document into which you would like to embed your presentation (same goes for any spreadsheets, documents, PDF files etc’).
  3.  In your Word Ribbon, go ahead and navigate to the Insert tab.
  4. In the right hand side of the Insert tab, hit the Object button.
  5. The Object dialog will open up.
  6. Here you have two options:
    • User the Create New tab to create a new presentation object or slidea and insert it to the document.
    • Alternatively, user the Create From file tab in order to pick an existing  presentation to embed.

Add new objects to Word

  1. In the Object Dialog, stay in the Create New tab and pick the type of file to create. In your case a Powerpoint presentation.
  2. Hit OK.
  3. Go ahead and author the slides content.
  4. Once done, just go ahead and close PowerPoint.

Insert existing Objects to Word

  1. In the Object Dialog, navigate to the Create From file tab.
  2. Now go ahead and hit the Browse button button to pick an existing presentation from the file system, onedrive, Dropbox etc’.
  3. Hit OK.
  4. Check the Link to File box if you want your Word object updated everytime that you modify your linked file contents.
  5. Hit OK.

You are all set 😉