How to import contacts and friends from FB and LinkedIn to Outlook 2016 and

In today’s productivity tip, we’ll learn how to quickly export your LinkedIn and Facebook profile contact people into a file, so you can then maintain a clean, consolidated list of people you are in touch with. This will allow you to export and backup your contacts list and obviously use your contact email addresses for email communication via Outlook or

Saving your LinkedIn contacts to a file:

  • Open your LinkedIn account, move your cursor to Connections and select Keep in touch.

2015-08-16 22_25_57-Welcome! _ LinkedIn

  • Click on the right side Settings cog.

2015-08-16 22_26_55-Contacts _ LinkedIn

  • Then select Export LinkedIn connection in Advanced settings on the right side of the page.

2015-08-16 22_27_37-Contacts _ LinkedIn

  • In the drop down box, select Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file).

2015-08-16 22_28_11-My Contacts_ Export LinkedIn Connections _ LinkedIn

  • Click Export and do the Security verification to download the CSV file.

Exporting your Facebook contacts:

The simplest way to export your Facebook email addresses is by leveraging the integration with Yahoo Mail.

  • First off, login to Yahoo email.
  • After that, hit on Contacts on the left side of the Yahoo mail.

2015-08-17 18_49_57-(1 unread) - vinodmvd - Yahoo Mail

  • Then click on Import next to the Facebook.(As I have already Imported, it shows Import New)

2015-08-17 18_51_12-(1 unread) - vinodmvd - Yahoo Mail

  • Accept the Importing permission from Yahoo in Facebook.
  • Now you can see that all contacts¬†in Facebook are imported to Yahoo.

2015-08-17 19_43_38-(1 unread) - vinodmvd - Yahoo Mail

  • Click on the Action, select Print and copy all the text.

2015-08-17 19_45_00-(1 unread) - vinodmvd - Yahoo Mail

  • Paste the text in a Excel and save the document is CSV format.

To Import LinkedIn & Facebook contacts into Outlook 2016:

  • Open your Outlook 2016 and hit File.

2015-08-16 22_44_10-Contacts - Outlook - Outlook

  • Select Open & Export and click Import/Export.

2015-08-16 22_44_44-Contacts - Outlook - Outlook

  • In the dialog box, select Import from another program or file and click Next.

2015-08-16 22_45_16-Import and Export Wizard

  • In Select file to Import from, click Comma separated values and select Next.

2015-08-16 22_46_23-Import a File

  • Then, browse for the downloaded CSV file and click Next.

2015-08-16 22_47_13-Import a File

  • Select the Destination folder and click Next.

2015-08-16 22_48_18-Import a File

  • A dialog box showing ‘The following actions will be performed‘, click Finish to add LinkedIn contacts.

2015-08-16 22_48_59-Import a File

To Import LinkedIn & Facebook contacts to

  • Open your Outlook account, click on the box on left side and select People.2015-08-17 -
  • In the Import Contacts, select Start import.

2015-08-17 19_52_57-People

  • In the ‘Where would you like to import from?’, select Other.

2015-08-17 19_53_28-People

  • Hit Choose File and point to your contacts spreadsheet.
  • Hit Upload.

2015-08-17 19_55_06-PeopleYou are done, thanks for reading!

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