How to open a POTX file?

Recently we had a question about POTX files :

I received a mail with an attachment and there was this POTX file. What is a POTX file? What type of file it is? I tried opening it, but I wasn’t successful. Windows failed to detect the default application that opens those files. What application opens POTX files?  How do I open it?

Well, Thanks for the question. This post is all about POTX files and answers the questions above.

What is a POTX file?

A file with POTX extension is a Microsoft PowerPoint  XML Template.  It is one of the formats used  in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

How to open POTX files?

The best way to open any file is to let the operating system decide the default application with which the file can be opened.  POTX file is not an exception.  Windows and other operating systems easily detect the application and opens the file with that application. In case, if the application is not preinstalled, you need to open it manually after installing the application.

The default application that opens POTX files is Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and up.  Follow the steps given below to set the default application manually.

  • Install Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 in your computer.
  • Right click on the POTX file and select open with.
  • If you find PowerPoint in the list, select it.  If you don’t find it, click on choose default application.
  • Locate the PowerPoint application from the Program Files and click OK.
  • The file now opens in PowerPoint.

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