How to get answers to your Microsoft Office questions?

Search our site

Yep, search is your friend! Whenever you have a question related to Microsoft Office Outlook, Word and Powerpoint , your first step is to search our huge tips and tricks repository.

You can easily browse our repository by using the search box at your right hand side :-).

Search Google or Bing

Search engines do a great job indexing sites like this as well as the most relevant forums.

You can use the search box below to search Google in case you haven’t found answers to your questions yet.

Ask a co-worker or friend

Chances are that in your workplace you have that Microsoft Office whiz that could answer your specific question. If so, it might be a great idea to consult with him/her.

Purchase a great book

Sometimes, it’s a great idea to take a deeper dive into a specific topic, say Outlook power usage, Microsoft Office automation with VBA, creating stunning presentations or mastering the ins and outs of Microsoft Word. If that’s the case, these are some recommended books you may want to check out:

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Leave us a question

Finally, you can also leave me a question. Due to the significant amount of incoming queries i typically receive, i am not able to guarantee a response time. However, if you leave a detailed comment below, good chances are that i could answer or point you to a possible solution.

Thanks for visiting and good luck :-)