How to assign Team and Channel ownership in Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question we got from a reader:

I used to manage a team and we collaborated using Microsoft Teams. Currently, I got assigned to another team and i just got my replacement. So once he steps in I will have to assign the owner permissions of the channel and team. Can you guide me on how I can do that?

Thanks for your question. In this post we will discuss how you can assign ownership privileges in Microsoft Teams and in Private channels. This is a very similar process to adding/removing new people to

Add someone as Team Owner

  • From the Teams list in your left hand side, scroll or search for your Team.
  • Now, hit on the ellipsis icon next to the teams.
  • Select Manage team.
  • If the person is already available as a member, you can either search for it or you can go to Members and guests and look for the name.
  • Click on the Member drop down and select Owner. Note that this step is critical, as otherwise the person is by default added as a member.
  • Once selected, you can find the person’s name is now displayed under Owners list.
  • If the person is New, click on Add member.
  • Enter the name or ID of the person and click Add.
  • You can directly add the member as a owner here.

Assign new Owner to a private Channel

  • Note: Ownership can be modified only in private channels of Microsoft Teams.
  • Click on the ellipsis icon next to the private channel, where you need to modify the ownership.
  • Select Manage channel.
  • Search for the member name in the box or you can click on Add member if they are new.
  • Enter the person’s name or ID to add them and select Member dropdown to mark them as an owner