How to fix the Import openai Could Not Be Resolved exception in Visual Studio Code?

The error message “Import ‘openai’ could not be resolved” in VSCode, is caused due to the fact that the Pylance extension in Python cannot locate the openai 3rd party package.

This issue often arises due to one of the following reasons: openai is not installed in your environment, you are using an incorrect Python environment, or a VS Code workspace settings file that is wrongly configured.

Let’s start with the troubleshooting.

#1 – Restart Visual Studio Code

From previous experience with VS Code, you can solve this error simply by saving your VS Code files and restarting the program.

#2 – Verify the openai is installed

In your Terminal window, output a list the 3rd party packages that are installed in your Python environment:

pip list

Verify that the openai module is installed by using the findstr (if using Windows) or grep (if using Linux or macOS) functions.

pip list | findstr openai
pip list | grep openai

If the openai entry is available, proceed to step number 5.

#3 – Pip install the openai package

If openai is not installed, you can use the Python Packages Installer (PIP) to easily download and install it.

From your terminal window use the following command (works with all operating system):

pip install openai

Next, go ahead and import openai into your code.

# 4 – Make sure to use correct Python interpreter

If the previous step didn’t solve your problem, you will need to make sure to use the Python interpreter. the In Visual Studio Code, press CTRL + Shift + P to open the Command palette.

Then go ahead and select Python: Select Interpreter and choose the entry from the list in which the openai module is installed.

#5 – Check your Python Workspace Settings

Last, Make sure that your vscode settings are pointing to the correct Python executable path.

Go to your VSCode project folder, then open your settings.json file and make sure that the pythonPath setting is correctly pointing to the right Python executable.