How to enable video sharing in Microsoft Teams calls?

Here’s a question we received from Arley:

Kind of strange issue here, using Microsoft Web on Windows and web as well. Whenever i try to join a Teams meeting on the web i am not able to activate my video camera. Whenever i use Teams on my mac laptop, i don’t encounter this issue. So it is not likely that my camera isn’t working (i guess). Any ideas on how to allow video sharing in Microsoft Teams.

Thanks for your question, see our answer below. Feel free to ask follow up questions as needed.

Fix video sharing issues in Microsoft Teams

Video sharing troubleshooting in Teams web

If you are using the web client, you need to ensure that your camera and microphone are allowing access to the Teams web page.

  • When trying to join a meeting on Microsoft Teams from your browser (Edge / Chrome etc’), you can’t allow video sharing.
  • Look into your web browser address bar right hand side. You’ll notice a small camera icon that will be marked as not available as shown below
  • Hit the camera icon shown above.
  • The following dialog will come up. Mark the first option as shown below (Always allow).
  • If you have multiple cameras, make sure to unblock the relevant ones using the Camera combo box.
  • One done hit Done.
  • Now go ahead and refresh your browser by hitting the F5 key.
  • You should be able now to enable your video camera from the Teams audio and video settings dialog. If for some reason, this still doesn’t work, you might need to close your browser and reopen it.

Unblock your camera on the Microsoft Teams app

If you are using the Teams app on Windows and having difficulties sharing video, you can use your Settings to enable your camera.

  • Open the Teams app.
  • On the right hand side hit your Teams avatar / icon.
  • Hit Manage Account
  • Navigate to the App Permissions tab.
  • Ensure that the Media entry is enabled as shown below.
  • Close the Settings dialog.
  • Restart Teams and try to join your meeting.

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