How to make customized envelopes and labels in Microsoft Office Word 2013?

One of the popular usages of Microsoft Word is for managing your paper based mail. Word 2013 allows you to print labels and envelopes which you can use your for event invitations, marketing campaign and other purposes.

Making custom Envelopes:

  • Hit the Mailings menu and then Envelopes.
  • Enter your recipient delivery address and optionally your own.
  • In the Feed section, look carefully into how you should position your envelop into your printer.

  • Once envelope is properly placed into the printer hit Print.


Custom Labels:

Procedure is pretty similar to the outlined above:

  • Under Mailings, hit Labels.
  • Add your recipient address.

  • Position your labels into the printer and hit Print.


More tips:

  • The Option button under Labels allows you to set your Label vendor type to 3M Post it, Office Depot and so forth.
  • For mass mail campaigns you should use the Mail merge capability . This will allow you to print multiple labels and envelopes by fetching the recipient names from a simple name list or your Outlook contacts database.

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