How to plot a column chart in Google Sheets?

Here’s a question from Alvaro:

I need to create to create a bar chart off some data that IT has pulled from a database into a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Any ideas on whether i can use Google Sheets in order to create a professional looking chart that i can then export to a slide?

Create stacked bar charts in Google Sheets

Follow the steps outlined below to create a two column column chart in Google Sheets.

Step 1: Acquire your chart data

  • Import or manually create your data in your Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • In our case we will create a chart that displays the signups vs capacity for a few courses we are running.
  • Arrange the data in a table format as show below:
  • Optionally create a named range for your table.

Step 2: Create your bar chart

  • Highlight your table cells and hit Insert.
  • Hit Chart.
  • Google Sheets will automatically render a chart which fits your data.

Step 3: Customize the chart look and feel

  • Hit the 3 points button at the top right side of your chart.
  • Hit Edit Chart.
  • In the Setup tab select Column Chart as your Chart Type.
  • In the Stacking filed select None.
  • Here’s our chart – as you can see the chart labels and legend are autogenerated.

Step 4: Change default Chart color, labels and legend location

  • Hit the right hand side 3 point button.
  • Select Edit Chart
  • Open the Customize tab.
  • Modify the Chart Title text and font type as needed.
  • Still under Customize, use the Series section to define a fill color for every series.
  • Use the Legend section’ position filed to position the legend at the bottom of the chart.

Step 5: Export the chart

Optionally, you can generate a link to your chart that can be embedded in any web application or simple copy and paste the chart into a Google Slide presentation which is shown below: