How to add a personal folder (PST) to archive your email in Outlook 2016?

I use Microsoft Outlook in order to manage all my e-mail correspondence, as well as Contacts and Tasks. As years went by, i have accumulated a huge amount of messages, which i would like to periodically backup into my personal computer hard drive, so i can access them on demand. After archiving my files, i can safely delete them from my online mailbox storage at Gmail, which saves me some money as it allows me to keep my inbox size under control and stick to their free storage plan.

Microsoft allows you to store your email/contacts/tasks into Outlook Data folders (typically referred as .pst files). Outlook delivers a default data folder, which stores your email (coming from IMAP/POP3/Exchange providers).

Follow the steps below to add a .pst file to Outlook 2016 and archive your mail:

  • In Outlook 2016, hit on File and select Account Settings.
  • Go to the Data Files tab and hit New.
  • Assign your pst file a meaningful name. Tip: As Microsoft allows to create multiple .pst files, i typically create a file for each year. This saves time when searching for specific messages.
  • It is recommended to set a strong password for your data file.
  • Now hit OK.
  • You’ll notice that a new folder was added to your left hand side navigation bar. That’s you .pst file.
  • Next step is to tide up your data folder by creating additional sub-folders (for example – by month or sender).
  • You can store messages into the data folder, by simply drag and drop.

You are done, feel free to let us know in case of questions.


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