How to insert macros in Outlook 2013 messages?

Dayton asked us the following question:

I  understood that I can use Macros in order to automate worksheet processing on Microsoft Excel. In Outlook I am looking for a similar capability in order to automate a data import from Excel into my Outlook message. For some reason I don’t see a way to Record Macros button as I can see in Word documents and Excel worksheets. Any idea how to enable macros on Outlook?

Thanks Dayton. As you pointed our correctly, creating macros by simply recording them is available on Word and Excel, but not on other Office applications such as Outlook (as well as PowerPoint, OneNote, Project).

Your safest choice would be to leverage Visual Basic for applications for writing your Macros. You’’ first need to enable the developer tab, and then write your own Macros using the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) editor. Getting started with VBA is not easy, but MSDN has a great tutorial to get you through the basic of VBA for Outlook.

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