How to create envelopes and labels on Microsoft Office Word 2016 and 2019?

Last updated: October 2019

Applicable to: Office 2019, 2016, 2013; Windows 7, 8 and 10

Here’s a question from Romina:

I typically use e-mail for communication with my friends and colleagues in our marketing business team. That said, i need to send an official letter to an university admissions office, so it has to be printed. I understand that i can use Microsoft Word not only to print my letter, but also to create some professional looking envelopes for my letter. Can you explain how can i print my envelopes with Word?

Thanks Romina, here you go. Good luck with your admission request ūüôā

Making Envelopes in Word

First off,  set your default return address.

  • Open Word, click on File and hit Options.

2015-08-27 21_23_28-Labels14 - Word

  • Select Advanced in the dialog box and move on to General.
  • In the mailing address, enter the return address on the space provided and click OK to set default return address.

2015-08-27 21_24_44-Word Options

Now let us define your envelope details:

  • Open your Word 2016, click Mailing in the ribbon and select Envelope.

2015-08-27 21_31_19-Labels14 - Word

  • In the Delivery address blank space, enter the address to which the envelope has to be delivered.
  • If necessary use default¬†Return address¬†or else check on Omit to not to include the return address.
  • Click on the Options, select Envelope options¬†change the size of the envelope and we can check envelope look from the preview.

2015-08-27 21_32_44-Labels14 - Word

  • Also the font for both Delivery and Return address can be changed

2015-08-27 21_35_53-Envelopes and Labels

  • Click on the Printing options to change the feed method, also can change Face Up and Face Down options.

2015-08-27 21_36_52-Envelopes and Labels

  • After all the modifications, select OK.
  • Now you can either only print the envelope or add it with a document and print the envelope along with the document.

2015-08-27 21_39_38-Envelopes and Labels

Creating labels in Word

  • In Word , click on Labels in the Mailing ribbon menu.
  • Enter the Label address and check on the Print options either Full page of same label or Single label.

2015-08-27 21_43_05-Envelopes and Labels

  • Click on the Options, in the Printer information check on Continuous feed printers or page printers.
  • Use the label information accordingly to your preference.
  • We can also click on New label to create our own label.

2015-08-27 21_45_37-Label Options

Printing Envelopes with VBA

One reader asked whether it is possible to automate Envelopes creation using a Macro in Word. The answer is yes. You are able to use the Word macro recorder in order to automate the envelop definition (including the address, return address, sender info and so forth) as well as attaching the envelop to the document and obviously the Print Out.  In case that you are looking for more specific help on Word VBA send as inquiry via our contact form.

Hope it Helps!

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  1. The option to change the feed method is not working no matter which printer. Does anyone have a fix or a work around?

  2. I have followed the instructions for formatting a word document and mailing address. In the word document, the font is 16 but when I print the envelope the font is like 8.

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